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Three keto coffee recipes you need to try

There’s nothing quite like that first coffee in the morning. What’s better? A keto coffee! Why?

  • Keto coffee kick starts your day.
  • The healthy fats give you fantastic energy to perform at your peak.
  • No more brain fog.
  • Stable source of energy, without the energy dips caused by a high carb breakfast.
  • Fits into ketogenic or low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF).

More commonly known as Bulletproof Coffee – keto coffee is your normal every day black coffee but filled with fatty goodness. What fatty goodness goes into a keto coffee is up to you, but here are my top three keto coffee recipes I’ve tried and love.

The daily go to: coffee + cream

I’m a lover of my Nespresso machine, but this recipe will work with any good plunger coffee.

I heat about 30ml of cream in the milk frother (not essential) then pour direct into my hot brew.

Enjoy! (With your pupperino)

Weekend butter booster

This is my favourite! Sets me up for the weekend and tastes amazing.

Add 1.5 TBS of your favourite ground coffee to a plunger (you’ll want to make it a little stronger than usual)

Let it brew in boiling water for 4 mins

Pour your brew into a smoothie mixer / bullet machine

Add 1 TBS / knob of butter

Add 2 TBS full cream

Mix together, sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

Coconut Coffee

Two options here if you love the taste of coconut and want the extra calories through till lunch.

Make your coffee brew as you normally would

Pour your brew into a smoothie mixer / bullet machine

Add 1 TBS of coconut oil (or 30ml of coconut cream)

Add 1 TBS / knob of butter

Add a dash of vanilla essence

Mix together and enjoy!

There are so many ways to have your keto coffee – play around with other combinations including coconut oil, coconut cream, MCT oil, vanilla essence, or sweeteners of your choice.

In case you were wondering

How do I buy keto coffee at a café?

This is my fool-proof three steps to ask at your local barista – be prepared for some interesting reactions:

  • Option 1: “Can I have a flat white, but can you replace the milk with cream” 4/5 times I get a “no”
  • Option 2: “What about a long black with cream on top?” 4/5 times this works, or you get a “we don’t have cream” (then you never go back)
  • Last effort: “Do you have unsweetened almond milk” Not for everyone I know.

Do you have your keto coffee in place of breakfast?

Nope – I always have my keto coffee with scrambled eggs (made with cream) and bacon around 7am, I’m not hungry for at least another 6 hours compared with my past way of eating (a bowl of oats and a flat white) where I snacked every 2 hours.


Would love to know what combinations you’ve tried. Leave a message below so others can try out your favourites.


About the author

As well as Keto Karton NZ, Heather runs her own PR firm in Wellington. She's a keen cyclist, runner, tramper and currently training for multi-sport events. Heather started keto as a way of dealing with stress and a consistent lack of energy, and has fallen in love with this way of eating.

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