Walnut and Pumpkin Seed Bread Mix

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We challenge you to find a more delicious bread – this loaf is simply divine. So moist, so moreish, so good.

Ingredients – organic tapioca flour, ground almond, organic chia seeds, organic psyllium husk, sea salt, organic pumpkin seed and walnuts

You will need – a loaf tin, coconut oil or olive oil, eggs (or pop along here for the vegan bread recipe) baking powder or baking soda

For instructions on how to make a vegan loaf click here

Enjoy – A perfect sandwich or toast bread. Delicious with avocado, nut butters, poached or scrambled eggs. We love it fresh from the oven with a healthy slab of butter

Once baked, store in an airtight container in the cupboard for up to 4 days. If you’d prefer to freeze your loaf then simply pre-slice and freeze.

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