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Sids Low Sugar Raspberry Vinegar

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Sids Low Sugar Raspberry Vinegar (0.6% Sugar) 300 ml

  • Make into a Vinaigrette (4 parts Olive Oil to 1 part Vinegar) or use directly as a salad dressing.
  • Sprinkle over desserts, especially halved strawberries. Terrific on all cold meats – especially those with preservative.
  • Delicious on avocado, all fruit, fresh asparagus & green beans.
  • Use in place of pineapple on a ham steak.  Use in place of Balsamic and is only ½ the price!
  • Makes a refreshing drink. (1 finger of vinegar, ice & top-up with soda, tonic or lemonade)
  • Makes the best marinade.  Add 2 tbsp (30cc) to water when poaching eggs.
  • Use instead of malt vinegar when cooking corned beef. Sprinkle over Yorkshire Pudding.
  • No fat, animal products, fish products or nuts.
  • Requires no refrigeration but keep in a cool dark place. Low Sodium – 5 mg/100 g.

Contains Wine Vinegar, Raspberry Juice & Sucralose. (Splenda).

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