Sids Low Sugar Plum Sauce

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Sids Low Sugar Plum Sauce (2% Sugar) 300 ml
Plum sauce can be used in the same way as tomato sauce and is an excellent addition to a marinade for barbecued meats.
  • Pork, chicken, duck, fish, venison, sausages
  • Amazing mixed with sour cream or cottage cheese as a dip.
  • Use instead of tomato paste on pizza bases. Low Sodium – 124 mg/100 g. Contains no Garlic.
  • No fat, animal products, fish products or nuts. Gluten Free – made with Wine Vinegar.
  • Unlimited shelf life – actually improves with age! Refrigerate after opening.

Contains Wine Vinegar, Plums, Sucralose (Splenda), Ginger, Cloves, Cayenne Pepper & Black Pepper.

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