Our story

Kia ora!

It’s fantastic that you’re here, and like thousands of other kiwis, you’re looking to reap the benefits of keto. I hope that we can help make that easier for you.

Early on in both our experiences with eating keto we found there was a growing range of snacks and staple food items that fit within our low-carb needs. We wanted to try everything. The challenge was that many weren’t available from the local supermarket, or easy to get hold of.

That’s when we decided there needed to be an easier way for all the ketoers in New Zealand to get their hands on some keto goods. 

Keto Karton is a monthly subscription box filled with carefully selected keto friendly snacks and staples. We’ve done all the hard work for you, checked the macros, ingredients, sourced them from around New Zealand, and packed them into our kartons for you to enjoy each month.


Stella Mackey

My keto journey started out of a need to avoid Type2 Diabetes. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies. During pregnancy my weight gain was within the recommended limits, I was active and had control of my diabetes with diet and medication. That, however, didn’t change the statistics of having an 80% chance of developing Type2 diabetes later in life. That is the statistic for all who develop gestational diabetes.

So I had a choice, I could take a chance on the 20% and do nothing, or I could make a change now while it was my choice and I had control. I was testing my blood sugars every morning and I knew something had to change. My body wasn’t dealing with a normal carb-rich diet anymore and my HbA1c test was looming.

3 weeks before my post-pregnancy HbA1c test I switched to keto and haven’t looked back. My test came back at 39, anything under 40 is considered within normal range and non-diabetic.

The keto way of eating has kept me free from diabetes, have enough energy to run around after my toddler and still breastfeed my baby.

I’m looking forward to a long healthy life and I can thank ketogenics for that.

Heather Phillips

Through my life I’ve always been active and focused on fitness – I love the way being physically fit makes me feel. Cycling, running, tramping, or hitting the trails with Jeff (my labrador) have been great stress relievers. I’ve been a competitive cyclist, ran several half-marathons, competed as a body-builder, and am currently training for multi-sport events.

I’ve always been conscious of what healthy means to me, but nutrition-wise I’ve felt I can ‘get away with it’ with all the extra exercise. Until one day I hit a wall with exhaustion. 

I was tired, stressed-out and no amount of sleep was helping. So, I looked to what I was eating. 

I had heard of the benefits of keto, so that’s where I started. I bought all the books I could find and did a bunch of research online. 

After a week, I stopped bloating, and what was most amazing is how much energy I had. I didn’t need to snack continuously through the day, I was alert, and I had a good relationship with food.

Remember, living a keto life is about what you can have, not what you can’t.

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