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August Keto Karton

We were so excited to launch our very first Keto Karton in August with these exciting products. Below you’ll find links to each of their websites and coming up soon, we’ll be posting about all the interesting ways we’ve used the products in this month’s karton.

We’ve had a great deal of feedback, which is fantastic, and will help us to continue making Keto Karton a convenient, low-carb, keto-friendly subscription service.

Without further ado, in the August Keto Karton…..

Cleanmixes Choc Raspberry Bliss Ball Mix

But don’t bliss balls have dates? THESE ONES DON’T! The Rasberry Choc mix are amazingly low in carbs, and not a date in sight.

All you’ll need is coconut oil and some sugar-free maple syrup to put these suckers together. Stella has been in the kitchen and created 3 different goodies with this mix, so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for more ideas on what do with these other than making the balls themselves.

Perhaps the best thing about these is that you don’t have to bake anything.

Grab yourself this mix from a growing list of retailers, or buy direct from Cleanmixes themselves online.

Vista Drinks – Lemon

Sick of water? With no artificial sweeteners, additives or calories this little gem is perfect to keep in the fridge for a refreshing sip. Heather has been known to add gin once in a while for a keto-friendly social drink.

You can find Vista here.

Libbys Pork Crack – Au Naturel

Perhaps one the first items to disappear out of this months’ karton is Libby’s Free Range Pork Crack. A delicious and really easy-on-the-teeth crackling – a great keto-snacking option.

These guys only source happy wee pigs from NZ ‘s most idyllic free-farmed pork farms, and don’t support the practice of factory farming in the slightest. Happy pigs make for better tasting crack. Fact.

Learn more about what is probably the best crackling in the country here.

Emporio Coffee

Ok – so we were really excited about this one. Not only can you not buy Emporio in your local supermarket (they sell to cafes mostly), but this blend was specially put together for lovers of keto coffee. With the handy recipe on the back, we hope you’ve had the chance to relax and give this one a go.

If you don’t have a coffee plunger – we found a 3 serve plunger for $8 from Kmart, or a single serve from our local supermarket for $5.

Four Seeds – Tumeric and Cumin crackers

We think these are more like delicious biscuits than crackers – being so full of flavour you can eat these on their own just fine. Although slightly higher in carbs for a seed cracker, we found these were a case of choosing how many crackers worked for you, whether you were a strict ketoer or ‘low-carb high-fat’.

To buy these crackers online you’ll need to source them in packs of four, so we were pretty stoked to be able to give our August subscribers a taste.

You can check out their dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo cracker range here.

Sesame and Linseed Bread Mix

A gluten, grain and dairy free bread mix using tapioca flour – sourced from the cassava plant. While the carbs might make you wonder why we’ve put this in August, we wanted to give that bread-love back to ketoers. We’re also not expecting you’ll eat the whole loaf, and if you make this mix in a muffin tin you’ll get 12 serves instead of the recommended 8 servings. Freeze the rest for later and enjoy once or twice a week with a dollop of butter.

Check out The Larder Project bread mix we put the August karton here.

Best Bones Broth – 15% subscriber discount

We’re still working on cold-storage, so in the meantime we were excited to be working with the guys at Best Bones Broth to offer a discount, enabling subscribers to still get their hands on some broth goodness.

Use your discount code here.

Pics Peanut Butter Slugs

Arguably the best peanut butter in the world! We know that peanut butter is an ‘on-the-fence’ product when it comes to keto as its a legume. But, some ketoers still indulge in a bit of peanut butter, so we decided to pop a small slug in for those moments you really need a pics hit. We’ve already heard from one customer who kept it in her bag that it was a life-saver after work when she got stuck in traffic and forgot to eat lunch.


There you have it – the August Keto Karton.

There’s some fantastic gems coming up in September – so if you want in on a karton full of keto snacks and staples coming straight to your door then be sure to subscribe now.

About the author

As well as Keto Karton NZ, Heather runs her own PR firm in Wellington. She's a keen cyclist, runner, tramper and currently training for multi-sport events. Heather started keto as a way of dealing with stress and a consistent lack of energy, and has fallen in love with this way of eating.